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FROSIO Coating Inspector e-Learning (4 days attendance)

FROSIO Coating Inspector e-Learning - Preparation for the examination according to FROSIO Scheme for Surface Treatment

2 days of attendance (repetition and practical part) and 2 days of exams (last 2 days) / 2 days repetition (optional)

About 7 weeks before the start of the presence phase, online seminars will be provided. These are scheduled once a week beginning at 6pm CET for about 1.5 hours.


Due to their protection against corrosion, coatings have a significant influence on the stability and durability of components and structures of all kinds. For this reason, highly qualified personnel is essential for the performance of inspection work in the field of corrosion protection. SLV Duisburg offers the training as coating inspector also as a blended learning concept (e-learning supported) in a shortened form.
Theoretical part as e-learning, independent of time and place (entry possible at any time).
Practical part (2 days) and exams (2 days) in daily form.
Online seminars are held approx. 7 weeks before the start of the attendance phase. These are scheduled once a week from 18:00 h for about 1.5 h.

Basic knowledge in following topics will be provided:
- Materials and their selection,
- Construction technology,
- Principles, methods and application of corrosion protection,
- Environmental conditions according to DIN EN ISO 12944,
- Methods of surface preparation and assessment of these,
- Effects of the environment and climate on the component,
- Coatings,
- Layer thickness, adhesion and curing,
- Assessment of coating defects,
- Work instructions
- Standards and specifications,
- Inspection activities from planning, via measurement technology, to verification,
- Health and environmental protection,
- Destructive and non-destructive testing methods in corrosion protection


No limitation.
The course is intended for persons who are entrusted with the implementation of corrosion protection measures from planning to acceptance and who must therefore have special knowledge and skills in the field of corrosion protection.


If the requirements for personnel certification are met, the participant has the opportunity to participate in the recognized certification system of FROSIO, the Norwegian Council for Training and Certification of Surface Treatment.


In case of missing or insufficient knowledge in the field of corrosion protection technology, prior participation in the basic seminar for corrosion protection on steel structures is recommended.

The SLV Duisburg is the only training body approved in Germany.
The attendance phase of the course takes place exclusively at an SLV branch.
Contact: Mehmet Uysal (E-Mail: - Tel.: +49 203 3781-272)
Martin Czysch (E-Mail: - Tel.: +49 203 3781 -498)

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