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Resistance Welding

Our Services for YOU:


  • Training and Qualification of welding personnel
  • Consultancy: selection of the best welding procedure for your parts
  • Identification and elimination of csude of failures
  • Optimization of your production
  • Support during production launch
  • Welding and development of prototypes and pilot batches
  • Independent advice for your investment
  • Independent Testing of equipment and machine components,
    e.g. transformers, repair welding machinery and electrode materials
  • Weldability tests/material tests as described in SEP1220 and international standards
  • Consultancy for selection and operation of equipment for quality assurance
    e.g. monitoring and adaptive control systems


  • Resistance Spot Welding - RSW
  • Projection Welding - PW
  • Resistance Seam Welding
  • Resistance Butt Welding (Pressure butt welding)
  • Flash Butt Welding
  • Stud Welding
  • mechanical Joining
  • Measuring of mechanical and electrical values

About Resistance Welding Processes:

Resistance welding processes can easily be integrated into automated fabrication and have a high productivity.
The first 3, named in the list above, are commonly being used in sheet metal constructions in a range from 0,5...3,0 mm.
In the automotive industry, steel car bodies are joined with some 5000 spot welds - plus numerous projection (e.g. nuts) and seam welds (e.g. fuel tank). 

The heat required to melt the nugget is being generated by electrical heating, following Joule's law. Generally, the material will melt in the interface between the parts, and will result in a weld nugget which is responsible for the strength of the weld.

The most important setting variables are electrode force, weld time and welding current. While this seems to be quite easy at the first glance, in practical applications many influences have to be observed. This is the reason, why SLV Duisburg is offering a wide range of consultancy services and trainings for resistance welding.